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Universal Housing Development Corporation - Self-Help Housing

If you are willing to contribute labor toward building your own home or repairing the home you already own, now is the time to apply for one of Universal Housing Development Corporation (UHDC)‘s Self-Help Programs.

There is currently no waiting list for Mutual Self-Help Housing or Self-Help Home Rehabilitation so UHDC is taking applications immediately for these programs. We will work with clients to determine income-eligiblity and meet USDA Rural Development guidelines for funding. In the past, the waiting list has been as long as 18 months, but until current program slots are filled, there is no wait.

We are able to fill out applications for eligible clients on the day they come in. UHDC has been active in Self-Help programs since 1978 and over 1,200 new homes have been constructed by clients working with UHDC. If you would like to find out more about these programs click on the images below.

Historical Data

Year Began


Total Homes


Area Served

Pope, Johnson, Yell, Logan, and Conway Counties

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