Neighborhood Nonprofit Housing Corp

Neighborhood Nonprofit Housing Corporation

Our Mission

Our mission is to create quality affordable housing opportunities, to strengthen and enhance communities, and to provide households with the skills to become self sufficient.

What is the Self-Help Housing Program?

Neighborhood Nonprofit Housing Corp‘s self-help housing program in Cache and Elder Box Counties in Utah is administered by NNHC and makes housing affordable through “sweat equity.” Families work together as a group to build approximately 65% of their homes. This labor not only acts as the down payment, but can substantially reduce the price of the home.

There may be additional assistance available for qualified families, such as a mortgage with a reduced interest rate, and other grants, that keeps monthly house payments affordable. Knowledge of construction is not required. However, it is hard work and it does require commitment. Households work together, with each family contributing a minimum of 35 hours of labor per week for approximately 8 to 12 months. The homes are built simultaneously; no one moves in until all the homes are completed.

What are the benefits of the program?

There is no down payment required, and you can save substantially on the price of the home! In addition, you will learn skills that will be useful in the future. You will gain not only construction and home maintenance skills, but also learn budgeting techniques, financial management skills, and the responsibilities of home ownership. Working together to build each other’s homes provides a great opportunity to create a strong sense of “neighborhood.” You will forge bonds of support and understanding with your neighbors, and you will share a sense of pride in your community.

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