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Florida Home Partnership - Self-Help Housing

Florida Home Partnership guides groups of six to ten families to work together to help build each other’s homes with the Mutual Self-Help Housing program. The members of the group share the common goal of homeownership and commit themselves to share in the work that will make that goal a reality. Homes are completed at the same time and everyone moves in together, creating an instant community.

Families and individuals contribute 600 hours of “sweat equity” in the construction of their new home in exchange for their down payment. Hard work is the key, along with a willingness to work cooperatively with other participants.

No construction experience is necessary! Our knowledgeable family construction coordinators will guide you through the construction process. Friends, family, church members, and others are welcome to help you accomplish your labor requirements.
You’ll perform a variety of unskilled and semi-skilled tasks, from digging the foundation, to painting, to construction clean-up, to landscaping–and everything in between!

When your home is complete, you’ll rejoice in knowing that you made it happen. You’ll also benefit from the equity—there is no builder mark-up.

The self-help housing concept builds more than just homes; friendships develop and communities are created.

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